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Those that pop up multiple windows, malicious or annoying javascript or code, viruses, offensive material, dialer/software install prompts, adult content, illegal content, hacking sites, frame breaking, inflammatory or defamatory content or anything that stops surf timer.

Smileytraffic reserves the right to remove any site or member on a case by case situation.

One popup allowed on Manual Surf

One popup  allowed on Auto Surf

Rotators are allowed

Currency used is US dollars only

Payout is $20.00 for Free Members.

Payments are made within 1-72 hours.

Smileytraffic is not responsible for any server outages caused by upgrades, resets, maintenance, etc...

You may promote your referral url anywhere, but NO SPAM law is strictly enforced.

All sites Must be at least 90% in English!

Re-Selling of Credits is Automatic Termination.

Free Members May Cashout by just One of the Two Following Criteria:
1.) Have Purchased something in the past.
2.) Have Promoted at least 8000 Referral pages of Smileytraffic.

Free and Any Member may use Earnings to Purchase Anything at any time.
Just send me a Contact e-mail saying what you want!

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