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SmileyTraffic Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you accept?
Will You Delete My Account For Non-Use?
Can I Cheat?
What is Minimum Payout?
What payment options do you accept?
PayZa, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, Credit/Debit Cards or Online Checks.
Will You Delete My Account For Non-Use?

Smileytraffic is not here to control anyone or their surfing habits!
No monthly surfing requirement will ever be enforced by Smileytraffic!

Accounts are set to inactive after 730 days (24 months) of non-use. You will not gain credits from referrals as an inactive member! Your Account will be deleted if no activity in 15 days, after the 730 day period.
Surfing just 1 page resets 24 month Active state!
(I will send out a courtesy e-mail before deleting for non-use) Accounts are deleted for not verifying activation e-mail after 30 days.And of Course Cheating or Inflating Referrals

Can I Cheat?
Sure you can, BUT, I'll catch you! And Post your BAD HABITS to the WORLD!
What is Minimum Payout?
$20.00 for Free Members
$10.00 for Upgraded
My question is not answered!
Please Contact Us for further assistance.

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