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Smiley's Financial Take!

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Posted 19 September 2009 - 09:45 PM

A couple years ago the Average Credit card Holders owed something like $16,000, I don't and Won't own one!

Today I read a Report it dropped to a little over $10,000!

That means as a Whole, people are working on being Debt-Free!

The Stock Market is seeing this as well.

The DOW is up to 9,820!

Remember what I've told you!
10,000 DOW is a Stable/OK Economy, 12,000+ is a Good/Excellent Economy!

It's getting there, let's hope it holds!

The PROBLEM, which will be a short-term, probably a 6-8 month more problem...

People are Appreciating what they have vs. what they want to Charge.

Causes less need for Jobs....since people aren't buying.

But we'll come back Stronger as a World cause there won't be so much unpaid money floating in the air.

Instead of paying so much money to Banks in fees and Credit Card %'s!

That money will be put into Actual products!
People I think are learning to Save and Buy verses paying 50%+ Extra to a bank!

This will force banks to increase Saving and CD rates a couple % a year to get more Investing and Loan Money!

About Damn Time!

40 years ago, I made 5% on my Savings account with a $1.00 min. balance!

Banks, through Credit Cards, have gotten a FREE ride for 10 years, that ride is over!

Bottom Line......

In a few years, unemployment will be 5% and less and Employers will have to Increase wages to keep employees!

Money will shift from paying banks 8%-21% for borrowing Credit Card money, to putting that money into Actual product purchases!

Very CQQL Scenario, I'm Hoping people JOIN together and get "THE CLUE!"

Instead of Wasting/Giving Money to Banks, it goes to products, thus, more jobs!

Having Better and Keeping up with your neighbor has Nothing to do with Financial Responsibility, actually is the reverse.

Materialistic people got hurt BIG by this Reccession, non-materialistic people....it didn't phase them much, if at all.

I Don't Live a Champagne Life on Beer wages!

2 Years ago, at least 50% of household's lived that way.

People First, Then Money, Then Things! ~ Suze Orman


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