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Welcome To SmileyTraffic! Version 12.0
(Built By A Surfer, For Surfers)
(Built By A Marketer, For Marketers)

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(Per Referral That Surfs 100 or More Pages to Activate Account)
Free Members - 20 Cents Per Referral!
Premium Upgraded Members - 25 Cents
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Partner Upgraded Members - 35 Cents
Smiley Upgraded Members - 40 Cents
If Your New Referral Upgrades
I'll Add $2.00 To Your Account!
Those Buying Paid To Signup and Cheating
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We Pay 3 Cents Per 100 Manual Surfed!

Currently 191543 Smiling Members and Growing!
199 New Members Last 7 Days to View Your Sites!
OVER $191,800.00 Paid To Members!!!

Manual Surf Pay-Out:
$0.03 Per 100 Manual!
50 Credits Per 100 Manual Surfed!
Guaranteed! No Games To Get It!
And $0.15 Per Referral For Free Members!
Free Member Maximum Manual Surf Is 598
We Do Not Allow Excessive Clicking.
Auto Surf is Unlimited.

Our Members Here Are Treated As Family!
We Allow Most Sites and Rotators.
As Long As It Doesn't Screen Abuse The Viewer and
a Mom Can View It While Holding a Precious One!

Currently Showing 452 Daily Views Per Url On Manual Surf!
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Over 12 MILLION Page Views Monthly!
94,000 - 140,000 Daily on Manual Surf!
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We Hide Nothing Here!

We Continually SCRUB the Nasties Out!
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Gives Your Views That Added QUALITY....Not QUANTITY!

This site was created to put as many advertising
options/solutions under one roof as possible!

Free Members Earn $0.15 for Referrals!

So far, this is a Manual Surf, Auto Surf and a
Paid To Click Exchange with many twists!
Convert your credits into Banner ads or Feature links or any advertising
you choose!

Premium, Ultimate, Partner and Smiley Upgrades are Available for those
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but are not necessary to use this exchange.

Signup Is Free!

Bonus For Signing Up And Surfing 100 Pages!
25 Manual Surf Page Views
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2500 Text (Feature) Links


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